Volkswagen Cross Coupe TDI Concept

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On the International showroom in Geneva Volkswagen company presented conceptual SUV with a hybrid power-plant – Cross Coupe TDI-Plug-In-Hybrid Concept. This car – one more step forward on road of development of new technologies. In December, 2011 such conductor already became VW Cross Coupe Plug-In-Hybrid which was resulted by two electric motors and one gasoline engine with turbo-supercharging TSI. Thanks to an innovative feed circuit the crossover consumed only 2,7 liters on 100 km of run.

However Volkswagen continued probes and managed to promote on one step forward. Even more economic car Cross Coupe with the turbo diesel engine with system of direct injection (TDI) and two electro motor, having sensationally low average fuel consumption has been as a result created: 1,8 l/100 of the km, defined on a new European drive cycle (NEFZ). Such expense corresponds to level of blowout CO2 only 46/km.

The conceptual novelty presented on the Geneva showroom weighs 1885 kg, its hybrid power-plant develops total capacity in 306 h.p. that allows the car to be dispersed on road to 220 km/h.

Volkswagen Cross Coupe TDI Concept

Technically VW Cross Coupe TDI Concept is based on a new modular platform with a cross-section arrangement of the power unit (MQB). Within the limits of platform MQB certain design data which are unified are developed. In new Cross Coupe, created on platform MQB, elements SUV of the future generation are merged together: engine TDI, 7-step КП DSG, lithium-ion the battery in the central tunnel, the electric motor of a drive gear of front wheels capacity of 40 kw, and the electric motor of a drive gear of rear wheels capacity of 85 kw, electric transmission.

However, thanks to modular system concept can be executed not only with drive gear Plug-In-Hybrid (the traction accumulator battery with a socket for gymnastics from an external source) but also as a full hybrid (without the interface for connection of an external source for battery gymnastics), and also it is simple with an internal combustion engine or the electric drive.

Presented to Geneva Cross Coupe it is accelerated with 0 to 100 km/h of all for 6,5 with. Engine TDI develops the maximum twisting moment of 400 Nanometers already in a range to 1600 rpm. By pressing both buttons of the traction electric motor add to them of 180 more Nanometers (front) and 270 Nanometers (rear). At sharp speedup when all engines work on a total power mode, in drive gear system the total twisting moment of 700 Nanometers is realized. With such indicator concept it is capable to intrude in sphere of sport cars; thus it spends fuel less, than a standard city midget car.

In a movement mode on an electric drive gear at speed limited in this case to 120 km/h concept it is capable to overcome distance to 45 km. At movement it is exclusive on electric pull-rod a drive gear it is carried out only on rear wheels. The driver can independently make the decision, whether move on the greatest possible distance on an electric drive gear (while the accumulator battery charge suffices) or not. For this purpose to it simply enough to press a key of a choice of a mode of the drive gear, close to a selector lever. As soon as degree of gymnastics of the accumulator battery or other parameter demands turbo diesel connection, it again for fractions of a second and without any appreciable jerks is connected to transmission.

At movement only on electric pull-rod the electric motor of a drive gear of rear wheels receives energy from lithium-ion of the battery consisting of eight modules. The battery, capable to give to 9,8 kw ч, is located in the central tunnel of concept car Cross Coupe. Calculated on pressure 370 In and the power electronic module established in a front motor compartment steers the high voltage going to the battery and from the battery, and also to electric motors. The onboard network, in turn, receives necessary source voltage from the converter in which a high voltage direct current will be transformed to a direct current with pressure 12 V of the battery is carried out or from an external source (through a socket 220), or during car movement.

The driver also can compulsorily (by means of the button close to a selector lever) to activate a mode of gymnastics of the traction battery from engine TDI during movement of the car. The size of a current cruising range on electric pull-rod, and also the general cruising range concept Cross Coupe is constantly displayed on an instrument cluster. Distribution of streams of energy and steering of a drive gear is supervised by the module of steering of a power-plant with the account of the corresponding loading set by the driver. The driver can choose one five modes of movement: City (a harmless mode with the minimum energy consumption), Sport (high dynamics), Off-road (a constant all-wheel drive), a mode «E» (an electric drive gear) and a mode “Gymnastics” (by means of engine TDI). Besides, Cross Coupе it can be used in the combined modes of pull-rod at which engines and shafts are connected or disconnected as required.

When the driver ceases to press a pedal of an accelerator and transfers a foot on a brake pedal, and a charge condition of the high-voltage battery insufficient, both electric motors work in a mode of generators, and the energy received at braking, charge lithium-ionic the accumulator battery. Engine TDI and in this case does not work and is unhooked from transmission.

When sharp jerk forward is required, capacity of electric motors is used together with engine power of internal combustion. In language of the world of a hybrid drive gear this interflow of capacity name a mode «Boost», or a mode of support of speedup. In this case Cross Coupе becomes all-wheel drive.

When the driver purposefully chooses mode Off-road, work too engages all four wheels. In this case the front electric motor receiving the electric power by means of engine TDI, plays a role of the power supply for the double located on a rear axle. As energy for a rear axle drive gear moves on wires, instead of by means of mechanical drive, it is a question of transmission of electric type. Because of that that engine TDI in mode Off-road actuates the electric motor of a drive gear of rear wheels partly by means of the front electric motor, the all-wheel drive is accessible and in that case when lithium-ion the battery is charged not completely.

When movement is carried out only for engine TDI account (in this case Cross Coupе represents usual car), always by means of the front electric motor additional charge of the high-voltage accumulator battery is carried out. When all energy sources accessible to the car are used, at the average expense in 1,8 l/100 of km and fuel tank capacity of 55 l the cruising range can reach 1287 km.

Engine TDI established on Cross Coupе, represents one of those engines which have been specially developed for application in a modular platform with a cross-section arrangement of the power unit (MQB). New engine TDI for platform MQB can be presented in variants with a working volume of 1,6 and 2,0 l, and also capacity from 90 l. With. To 190 l. With.

Volkswagen Cross Coupe has of 4357 mm at length. Thus, this SUV is longer, than Golf, but is shorter, than Tiguan. On width (1868 mm) and height (1523 mm) concept too takes an intermediate place between the models specified above. Concept car has the big wheelbase — 2630 mm (on 52 mm more than at model Golf and on 26 mm more than at model Tiguan). Therefore bodies (the front: 855 mm, rear: 860 mm) – short, and the general proportions of all elements in aggregate exclusively expressive and dynamical.

Prominent features of design VW Cross Coupe is the long cowl, the new design of a front part displaced far back interior and very low in comparison with usual SUV zone line. As a whole designers managed to make shape of the car, keeping clearness of lines. 20-inch light-alloy disks as well as possible approach to the general expressive shape Cross Coupe with tires of dimension 265/45. In the rear over wheel arches there are having the characteristic form for a coupe powerful rear quarter pillars.

Designers receded from decisions used at the moment and physically connected double xenon headlights by means of the chrome plated laths of a radiator enclosure. Outwardly they look as two located the friend opposite to the friend the chrome plated strips connecting headlights. The ends of the chrome plated laths coming to light like side panels underline width and thus are an element of the new concept of system of external illumination. Day running fires are integrated into the bottom lath, in top — turn indicators. In the bottom, in a bumper, light-emitting diode fog lights are established.

The low line of a lateral glass cover in certain degree defines design of the concept car. A characteristic distinctive sign of a coupe is the big inclination of a rear screen. In the top part the door of a luggage compartment comes to the end with a spoiler which visually extends the roof panel, and technically represents an element optimizing aerodynamics of the car. Narrow tail lights are unusual under the form. One more characteristic for SUV an element is the powerful rear bumper, along the edges of which at the left and on the right dual tips of exhaust pipes.

In Cross Coupe two worlds – world SUV and the coupe world are excellently combined. In design of the panel of devices dynamical lines and a high arrangement, as at SUV are combined characteristic for a coupe. The upholstery of the panel of devices differs high quality and at the same time high strength. Strength and reliability also are peculiar to controls, hand-rail and an inner trim ale-cops as a whole. One more example – the central extension housing: for fast and simple steering of functions of system of a drive gear and climatic installation two rotary adjusters, made of aluminum are provided.

Between two adjusters the key of an electromechanical parking brake, and before a key – also executed of aluminum – a selector lever 7-step КП DSG is located. Before a selector lever the button of start-up of engines, and at the left is located and to the right of the lever two massive and at the same time elegant hand-rail are established. Besides, on the right buttons of a choice of a mode of the electric drive and an accumulator battery gymnastics are located. The touch display on which the navigating data for movement on roads and behind their limits, and also the accompanying information on functions of the car is deduced up to audio system options is level above.

For a steering wheel the programmed display of an instrument cluster is established. By means of the rotary adjuster located to the left of a selector lever, it is possible to choose one of dynamic modes of display of the information: «Sport», «City» and «Off-road». The set of parameters displayed on the display depends on the chosen mode — for example, a gyroscope, a compass and a topographic map in a mode «Off-road». Each of three modes has individual configuration and the color scheme of an instrument cluster. On the center, between round devices, one more multipurpose color display on which the data about car systems is deduced, phone menu, the information connected with an audio system, and also, parallel, other navigating data, such as the three-dimensional image of off-road sites on which movement is carried out is located.

VW Cross Coupe it is equipped by four separate leather seats with integrated headrests. These seats differ especially balanced ergonomic qualities. For four passengers of enough free space on width, in front and from above. Backs of rear seats, and also it is possible to combine a back of a seat of the front passenger completely forward that gives the chance to transport in Cross Coupe surfboards, Para planes and other large-sized subjects. Backs of rear seats are outside riveted by plastic that is very practical. At their folding the strong cargo platform is formed. The volume of a luggage compartment behind backs of rear seats (from a floor to bottom edge of glasses) makes 380 liters. If interior in length of 1724 mm to load to a ceiling and backs of front seats, the volume makes 1230 liters is a big indicator for the car the expense at which makes only 1,8 l/100 of km!

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