Porsche Cayenne From Tuning Firm Gemballa

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German tuning studio Gemabala showed in Geneva interesting enough package of improvements for the diesel version of the car of Porsche Cayenne that transforms the average driver into the aggressive freak of roads.

The essence of their package GT Aero consists in it 1. The company that is known as the most recognized manufacturer in the world of aerodynamic packages and carbon fibers created this time body elements that with ease approach under original parts and if necessary can be replaced with them.

Porsche Cayenne From Tuning Firm Gemballa

Into a package enter: a new front bumper with a spoiler that does an off-road car by more sports by sight, the new lateral “skirts”, a new rear bumper and the complete set of disks of 22 inches. It is necessary to notice that so minimum versions are a part of the future program of extensive transformation of second generation Cayenne. The most interesting only ahead.

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