First photo of Mercedes Viano

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The future minivan Mercedes Viano has been noticed again passing test tests in the conditions of snow Sweden. However this time the prototype replaced white vestments with the black.

New Viano prophesy destiny of the competitor to such cars as Volkswagen Multivan/Caravelle, therefore it is necessary to expect display at model of more automobile lines, rather than the conveyor. As it was informed earlier, Viano causes a stir the big cowl and a new radiator enclosure that speaks about the new engine and system of cooling inherent in it.

First photo of Mercedes Viano

Also, according to hearings, the car will be offered in version AMG, but it is still impossible to confirm it to a debut of the standard version in 2013 or 2014. But with confidence it is possible to tell that the car receives version Vito.

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