1952 Ferrari 212 Ghia Cabriolet found in junk

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The pair from the Grandee the from Michigan, USA came across improbably surprising thing, estimating real estate on sale. And it not that other, as the smart car 1952 Ferraris 212 Ghia Cabriolet. Before to inspect steam garage was engaged in house visual inspection, but that they saw then, forced to be surprised all who there was. Bobbi Goins noticed the car among old boxes. Seeing a badge of Ferrari, its interest became much more and when all garbage has been removed, under it has been found out 1952 Ferraris 212 Ghia Cabriolet. The car was rather untouched, except for the absent engine which in a consequence has been found in the State of Wisconsin. A pleasant find, especially considering that the newly made owner of a retro of Ferrari sold a car for $150 000.

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