Volkswagen Cross Coupe TDI Concept

On the International showroom in Geneva Volkswagen company presented conceptual SUV with a hybrid power-plant – Cross Coupe TDI-Plug-In-Hybrid Concept. This car – one more step forward on road of development of new technologies. In December, 2011 such conductor already became VW Cross Coupe Plug-In-Hybrid which was resulted by two electric motors and one gasoline engine with turbo-supercharging TSI. Thanks to an innovative feed circuit the crossover consumed only 2,7 liters on 100 km of run.

However Volkswagen continued probes and managed to promote on one step forward. Even more economic car Cross Coupe with the turbo diesel engine with system of direct injection (TDI) and two electro motor, having sensationally low average fuel consumption has been as a result created: 1,8 l/100 of the km, defined on a new European drive cycle (NEFZ). Such expense corresponds to level of blowout CO2 only 46/km.

The conceptual novelty presented on the Geneva showroom weighs 1885 kg, its hybrid power-plant develops total capacity in 306 h.p. that allows the car to be dispersed on road to 220 km/h.

Technically VW Cross Coupe TDI Concept is based on a new modular platform with a cross-section arrangement of the power unit (MQB). Within the limits of platform MQB certain design data which are unified are developed. In new Cross Coupe, created on platform MQB, elements SUV of the future generation are merged together: engine TDI, 7-step КП DSG, lithium-ion the battery in the central tunnel, the electric motor of a drive gear of front wheels capacity of 40 kw, and the electric motor of a drive gear of rear wheels capacity of 85 kw, electric transmission.

However, thanks to modular system concept can be executed not only with drive gear Plug-In-Hybrid (the traction accumulator battery with a socket for gymnastics from an external source) but also as a full hybrid (without the interface for connection of an external source for battery gymnastics), and also it is simple with an internal combustion engine or the electric drive.

Presented to Geneva Cross Coupe it is accelerated with 0 to 100 km/h of all for 6,5 with. Engine TDI develops the maximum twisting moment of 400 Nanometers already in a range to 1600 rpm. By pressing both buttons of the traction electric motor add to them of 180 more Nanometers (front) and 270 Nanometers (rear). At sharp speedup when all engines work on a total power mode, in drive gear system the total twisting moment of 700 Nanometers is realized. With such indicator concept it is capable to intrude in sphere of sport cars; thus it spends fuel less, than a standard city midget car.

In a movement mode on an electric drive gear at speed limited in this case to 120 km/h concept it is capable to overcome distance to 45 km. At movement it is exclusive on electric pull-rod a drive gear it is carried out only on rear wheels. The driver can independently make the decision, whether move on the greatest possible distance on an electric drive gear (while the accumulator battery charge suffices) or not. For this purpose to it simply enough to press a key of a choice of a mode of the drive gear, close to a selector lever. As soon as degree of gymnastics of the accumulator battery or other parameter demands turbo diesel connection, it again for fractions of a second and without any appreciable jerks is connected to transmission. Read the rest of this entry »

New BMW 6 series car M6

BMW represent the third generation to 6 series BMW. Yes not simple any, and technological, developed by sports division of a German motor-car manufacturer. Yes, it is a question of BMW M6 which for the first time have looked at “this world” in far 1983 (Е24). In 1989 in Munich took “compensatory holiday” and returned to project M6 (Е63/Е64) only in 2005 again to close in its summer of 2010, selling for five previous years of 9 thousand cars in a body “coupe” and 5 thousand cabriolets. Pictures and novelty specifications (a coupe and a cabriolet – F12/F13) in BMW are ready to give to the impatient consumer right now. And here to look at the car “alive” it will be possible or in March of 2012 in Geneva, or in April, but already in New York. Under a cowl at 2012 BMWs M6 Coupe/Convertible there is a same engine, as at sedan M5 «last assembly» – 4,4-litre V8 with two turbines. It gives out «on mountain» 560 h.p. of the maximum capacity in a range from 5750 to 7000 ob./minutes; its maximum twisting moment makes 680 Nanometers (at 1500-5750 ob./minutes). All power of a power-plant is transferred to rear wheels through 7-step robotised КП M-DCT with two clutches and active differential. In plans is also a 6-step mechanical gear box, but will not put it by cars for the European market. Such complete set will be accessible only to Americans.

Dynamics at new BMW M6 – at level. The coupe is capable to break a high-speed barrier from zero to hundred for 4,2 seconds, the cabriolet is dispersed from a place to 100 km/h for 4,3 seconds. Thus the maximum speed M6 in both cases is limited by a mark in 250 km/h. Who wants heat, can order a car with an additional package of options «M Driver’s», giving the chance to the car to be dispersed to 305 km/h.

In spite of the fact that as a part of BMW M6 of the previous generation there was motor V10, and new «Em six» is completed V8, last it on 10 % is more powerful. Thus, V8 in structure F12/F13 consumes approximately on 30 % less combustible (a coupe – 9,9 l/100 of km in the commixed mode; a cabriolet – 10,3 l/100 of km), than the 5-litre 10-cylinder unit.

New BMW M6 in the sizes is more than old. But it at all does not mean that she put on weight. On the contrary, dumped. For this purpose, truth, was necessary to make a roof at a coupe from strengthened carbon plasticity (CFRP), and at a cabriolet a cover of a box for collapsible top – of a special composite material on the basis of fiber glass (SMC). Both versions received aluminum doors and a cowl, and also the front fenders made of easy thermoplastic from developers. As a result equipped weight of a coupe of BMW M6 Coupe made 1850 kg, BMW M6 Convertible cabriolet – 1980 kg.

To make of the standard chassis 6-Series a hi-tech sports car of “M-series”, engineers of division of BMW M recustomized a suspender, used steering Servotronic with variable effort (three modes of behavior), put more «strong and quick» brakes. «The Bavarian motors» in the practice used for the first time a combination of so-called carbon-ceramic brakes (M Carbon-Ceramic) with 20-inch wheel disks from a light-metal alloy that allowed to dump about 20 kg of “live” weight. However such variant of equipment is accessible only in an additional set of options. In standard equipment on BMW M6 there are light-alloy wheel disks in diameter of 19 inches. Read the rest of this entry »

1952 Ferrari 212 Ghia Cabriolet found in junk

The pair from the Grandee the from Michigan, USA came across improbably surprising thing, estimating real estate on sale. And it not that other, as the smart car 1952 Ferraris 212 Ghia Cabriolet. Before to inspect steam garage was engaged in house visual inspection, but that they saw then, forced to be surprised all who there was. Bobbi Goins noticed the car among old boxes. Seeing a badge of Ferrari, its interest became much more and when all garbage has been removed, under it has been found out 1952 Ferraris 212 Ghia Cabriolet. The car was rather untouched, except for the absent engine which in a consequence has been found in the State of Wisconsin. A pleasant find, especially considering that the newly made owner of a retro of Ferrari sold a car for $150 000.

New Aston Martin V12 Zagato

Aston Martin at last showed alive super car V12 Zagato. It presented on the Geneva showroom.

The model in honor tuning studio Zagato is named, half a century co-operates with which Aston Martin already. The car is positioned as «road luxury sports car», unlike the racing version presented at competition of elegance Villa D’Este in Italy. Difference in interior: instead of a framework of safety and racing “ladles” — manual furnish. The car has under a cowl six-liter petrol V12 capacity of 517 h.p., and a twisting moment of 570 Nanometers.


In sale new Aston Martin arrives in the autumn of 2012 quantity of 150 copies at the price of 330 000 pounds sterling.

New Audi TT RS

Audi presented on the Geneva showroom new TT RS in bodies of a coupe and a roadster. The novelty is equipped with the 360-strong motor 2,5 TFSI, aggregated with 6-step or with 7-step S-Tronic with 2 clutches, and all-wheel drive system. The coupe with mechanic gear box develops one hundred for 4,3 seconds, from an automatic transmission — for 0,2 seconds faster. Roadster indicators — 4,4 and 4,2 seconds accordingly. Maximum speed in both cases it is limited by electronics on a mark in 280 kilometers per hour. The coupe spends 8,5 liters of fuel for 100 kilometers of run, the roadster — on 0,1 liters is more.

audi TT RS

In the European market the car is accessible to the order already now. The prices for a coupe begin about 60 650 euros, on a roadster — about 63 500 euros.

First spy photos of Renault Clio

Participation of a motor-car manufacturer of Renault at an exhibition in Geneva is usually marked by special cars, however this year the company decided to hide to present main premieres at other main exhibitions of the industry.

The Parisian exhibition in October where the motor-car manufacturer intends to present absolutely new fourth generation of model Clio should become following sign event. In Renault assiduously prepare a hatchback for a premiere. It proves to be true that the car here already which time has been noticed passing tests in snow-covered conditions.

New Clio becomes the first cars in family that causes a stir use of the newest design begun concept DeZir. Renault company offers only five-door version, however thanks to the latent door handles, the car will look still sports. The car also will be more low and more widely. According to some hearings, the model on 100 kg will be easier than present generation. Among engines will be accessible: 1.5-litre diesel capacity of 74-89 h.p.; and also petrol three – and 4 cylinder capacity of 89 and 200 horsepower’s, accordingly.

First photo of Mercedes Viano

The future minivan Mercedes Viano has been noticed again passing test tests in the conditions of snow Sweden. However this time the prototype replaced white vestments with the black.

New Viano prophesy destiny of the competitor to such cars as Volkswagen Multivan/Caravelle, therefore it is necessary to expect display at model of more automobile lines, rather than the conveyor. As it was informed earlier, Viano causes a stir the big cowl and a new radiator enclosure that speaks about the new engine and system of cooling inherent in it.

Also, according to hearings, the car will be offered in version AMG, but it is still impossible to confirm it to a debut of the standard version in 2013 or 2014. But with confidence it is possible to tell that the car receives version Vito.